Successful bidding for FOTA solution of CMCC

2018-11-08 14:04:14 红石阳光


The internet of things is coming, massive IoT devices need to have FOTA software update capabilities, As the largest IoT carrier -China Mobile has increasingly urgent requirement of FOTA update in China. After fierce bidding competition, Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd win the bid of procurement project of FOTA service platform on public bidding from China Mobile IoT Company Limited, become the exclusive partner and constructor of China Mobile IoT company to construct FOTA cloud platform. For the project, Redstone will provide all-round construction and technology service platform for FOTA update, devices management, Software upgrade, big data..,etc to all IoT devices of China Mobile IoT company. This will promote bilateral cooperation move to a new stage, also it is great strategic significant for Redstone move into the IOT.

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China Mobile IoT Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile. Based on the overall strategy of China Mobile, China Mobile IoT Company aims to become the supporter of IoT business services, the provider of IoT chips & modules and the promoter of IoT products & applications. In practice, China Mobile IoT focuses on operating IoT private network, designing IoT chips and modules, producing IoV, smart home applications and wearable, developing IoT open platform One Net, promoting IoT solutions, which makes a comprehensive architecture name “Cloud-Pipeline-Device”.

Redstone IoT service platform


In December 2014, Redstone and CMCC signed a five-year FOTA Strategic cooperation agreement. and in November 2017, Redstone becomes the contractor and partner on FOTA cloud platform of China Mobile IoT Company , it marks Redstone and China Mobile further deepen cooperation, also futher consolidate Redstone FOTA remain in the lead position.

Redstone will use FOTA update system with the independent intellecture property rights to fully support FOTA platform construction of China Mobile IoT company, Redstone FOTA supports current mainstream chip-makers and chip operating system: for 2G product, support C216B、RDA8851、RDA8955 hardware platform, support intercore RTOS operating system; for 4G product, support Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, Vimicro, ASR microelectronic...etc, for many chip-makers with hardware platform and the corresponding operating system, also support the Linux operating system; For NB-IoT products, be able to adapt to mainstream chip-makers for NB-IoT products. 


China Mobile IoT compan’s own many R&D products has FOTA requirements, Redstone will provide professional technical team to offer relevant FOTA adaptation versions for these products. To provide the safe,stable and reliable FOTA service at IoT devices, Smart cars, Smart home, OTT set-top box, Robot, NB-IOT, 2G/4G communication modules, Smart wearable..etc for China Mobile IoT company.


Redstone is the largest FOTA IoT Intelligent cloud provider, also as a professional DM/FOTA solution and leading mobile software management technical service provider, at present, more than 600 millions devices have been equipped with Redstone’s FOTA and its products have covered 185 countries and regions of the world. Can meet the carriers’ customization requirements, at same tine can provide software upgrade,management technology and service of mobile phone、vehicle network、IOT terminals for China Mobile IoT Company.

This is a new breakthrough for Redstone win the bid in the Internet of things, which has laid a good foundation for the in-depth cooperation with China Mobile IoT company. Redstone alliance with China Mobile IoT Company and both sides can take advantage of each other’s strengths to develop the IoT industry market, enhance the capacity of all connectivity, let the human more faster and smoother to establish an unprecedented close connection between people and people , people and objects, objects and objects. 

Finally, we wish China Mobile a successful 2017 global partners conference in Guangzhou!


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