2017 US CES repeatedly zoomed in. Redstone Sunshine Showcases OTA's Latest Technology

2023-06-30 13:19:23

From January 5th to 8th, 2017, the annual feast of the global consumer electronics industry, the International Consumer Electronics Show, kicked off in Las Vegas. As the most prestigious annual event in the global electronics industry, like the city of Las Vegas, the annual CES exhibition is also the show field of major manufacturers, fighting for the spirit, financial resources and innovation, manufacturers or products mostly hope With the heat of CES, I rushed to the headlines.

At this CES event, Redstone Sunshine once again brought heavy products to the show, including smart car unlimited upgrade technology, intelligent hardware robots and IoT terminal equipment management solutions, which made the industry quite eye-catching. In addition, Redstone Sunshine held a Party at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas on the 5th and 6th of the evening. We invite you to visit us.


● Super technical team——

The core leaders of Redstone Sunshine are all technically born, and the company's internal technical personnel account for more than 80% of the company. With a strong technical team, it has successfully applied for dozens of patents in the country.

●Fruitful results welcome many big coffee partners ——

Hongshi Sunshine has signed more than 100 manufacturers, and is being used by mainstream mobile phone manufacturers (Nokia, DELL, ZTE, Coolpad, Lenovo, CMCC own brand mobile phones, BYD, Huaqin, Tianyu, Bailifeng, Hair, Haier, Gionee, New Post). Tong, Ontim, BBK, G5, etc., chip vendors (Exhibition, Marvell, Datang Lianxin, Broadcom, MTK, Samsung Semiconductor) commercial.


So the question is, how will Redstone Sunshine further refresh everyone's cognition at CES in 2017?

Aspect 1: Redstone Sunshine Smart Car Unlimited Upgrade Technology

When it comes to smart cars, wireless upgrade technology is inseparable. Any car that seems to have a good experience at that time will be left behind in a few years. To maintain a good experience, the car needs to be upgraded like a smart phone, the software can be upgraded, and the user can pass the Redstone wireless without replacing the new hardware. Upgrade technology to update new features.

OTA technology relies on a single in-vehicle software client to update any electronic control unit of the vehicle. Redstone Sunshine OTA technology uses intelligent incremental file optimization and compression technology for all vehicle system type electronic control units, including multi-module software updates.


In order to cater to certain parameters or to make debugging insufficient, the car may be out of gear when it goes on the market, and hesitated for half a second at the start. After the listing, the manufacturer collected more user feedback and made a reasonable allocation of ECU programs and parameters to make the car more perfect. Through the OTA program of Redstone Sunshine, it is safe, stable and effective to push new methods to customers, so that the public users are more recognized by the manufacturers.

The default setting for the family car is for the public. In order to get the support of the enthusiasts, the car manufacturers have developed some upgraded versions, which can make the throttle response faster and make it feel full of back. Redstone Sunshine's upgrade program gives enthusiasts more choices, so that enthusiasts are full of praise for car manufacturers.

Auto manufacturers have won good reputations from users with their excellent technology, and they have attracted a large number of users, but there are also many people with special needs among them. Some customers live in cities with more slopes. Customers want to have a higher climbing ability under low torque conditions. Redstone Sunshine OTA provides customers with intimate services, making customers with special needs more satisfied with automobile manufacturers.

Aspect 2: Intelligent Hardware Robot

This CES show Redstone Sunlight brings intelligent hardware robots - Xiaoyou. What can Xiaoyou do?

The small character is lively and cute, and the face recognition technology can be used to identify the chat object and automatically convert the matching chat content. You can give a voice indication, ask about the weather, time, and so on. It will comfort people and tell jokes in certain circumstances. Occasionally, I will also play the host~


  • Health management

Automatically identify different members of the family and establish a health record. You can self-test medical data through the POCT device, and there will be professional data formation record analysis and reasonable suggestions. If an abnormality occurs, Xiaoyou will promptly remind the precautions and send the results to the guardian. At the same time, you can connect to the online doctor for timely inspection and inquiry.

  • Environmental quality testing

With industrial-grade high-precision laser PM2.5 detection, temperature, humidity, and formaldehyde four sensors, it can accurately detect indoor related data. When the value changes and exceeds the optimal comfort value, Redstone will promptly report to the alarm and work at home. Corresponding intelligent appliances are connected to improve indoor related values such as air conditioners, air purifiers, and sweeping robots.

  • Home appliance remote control

Xiaoyou can let you abandon the cumbersome traditional home appliance remote control. It can easily control more than 10,000 infrared appliance remote controllers such as air conditioners, TVs, DVDs, set-top boxes, amplifiers, and air purifiers by interacting with Xiaoyou's voice. It also supports remote control. In the hot summer of the cold winter, turn on the air conditioner to adjust the temperature in the home before going home, and enjoy the comfortable indoor temperature at home. Emotional escort

  • Video call exchange

One-click multi-party video call, Xiaoyou's video uses HD front-facing camera, allowing you to cross the space and easily face-to-face with your family without waiting or booking. High-definition pictures, clear and smooth pictures, and restored sound details.

  • Baby safety fence

Xiaoyou's biosensing technology can track the direction of the baby in real time and send the video to the parents. Parents can easily do other things while the child is sleeping. After setting the fence range, the baby is not in the safe range. The Redstone robot immediately makes a call to the bound phone and issues an alarm.


  • Smart community

Xiaoyou can directly connect to community property terminals, intelligent parking, access to community services and related notices, etc., and can directly communicate with the property at home to understand all the service information provided by the community.

Aspect 3: IoT Terminal Equipment Management Solution

Redstone Sunshine has not been limited to the field of smart phones. The products are also used in smart terminals such as chip companies, smart cars, smart wearable devices, smart home appliances, etc., so that "one button upgrade" different smart devices become a reality, Redstone Sunshine hopes Become a booster of this era, let life become a key to reach.


In recent years, Redstone Sunshine has emerged as a representative case in the promotion of IoT technology to help upgrade smart devices. With the continuous development of smart devices, software systems are also accelerating and upgrading, and manufacturers are increasingly demanding wireless upgrades for smart devices. Today's Redstone Sunshine FOTA not only fully adapts to mainstream chip platforms such as Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, etc., but also fully enters the fields of smart wear, smart car, smart home, etc., to achieve wireless upgrade of all intelligent hardware, so that all smart devices plug in The wings of networking.

In the future, Redstone Sun will upgrade FOTA in unmanned, smart cities, AR/VR, smart healthcare, artificial intelligence, and other industries that are not yet popular in the consumer market, integrating people's life, work, social, entertainment, consumption, and leisure. And so on. As China's largest FOTA Internet of Things service provider, Hongshi Sunshine hopes to bring convenience to everyone's life through Redstone FOTA, and ultimately achieve the purpose of all things connected. In the future, it must be an intelligent era in which things are connected.


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