Redstone Sunshine OTA helps car self-evolution

2019-06-11 10:41:12

Mobile phones have experienced several generations of development: Ericsson and Motorola in the analog mobile era, Nokia in the digital age, Apple in the intelligent age... Every wave has a specific wave. Just as cars are becoming more and more like mobile phones, becoming a must-have item for contemporary people, not a luxury, cars are experiencing such subversion.

The car is a passion that many people never tire of. The pleasure of driving a car in the late night city ring, the test drive in the 4s shop to find the happiness of the beloved car... is an unforgettable moment for many people. However, the excitement and pain of a car owner is the same thing - the release of a new car.

One day a day, I waited for a few years, and finally waited for a few years, finally full of joy and justifiable from the 4S shop to pick up the car home, less than three months, the car factory launched a new: appearance upgrade, navigation map upgrade, automatic driving... inevitably regret Nothing.

As Tesla entered the market and brought OTA, everyone realized that the car can be upgraded and upgraded to acquire new functions like a mobile phone, so that the owner can continue to get the pleasure of driving a "new car" for a long time.

   What is OTA?  

OTA English full name Over-the-Air Technology, that is, air download technology. Upgrade your system by downloading a software update package from the server over the network.


   What is the significance of OTA?  


For consumers

 1 Driving performance improvement

Do you know how to do a car, accelerate from 0-100 km, and increase from 4.3s to 3.3s?

One of my friends bought their first car in 2006 and chose the 1.8T turbocharged Volkswagen Touran. He is keen to "change the car", such as changing a brand-name spark plug, changing a BBC wheel and so on.

The highest level of change to the car is to brush the ECU, using the brush ECU to squeeze the remaining power of the engine. For example, a "performance car" with an acceleration of 8.5 seconds in 100 kilometers can improve the score of 0.6 seconds by brushing the ECU. Of course, on the one hand, this is officially banned, and it will lose its warranty. On the other hand, car owners also need to pay at least 5,000 yuan for this.

If your car has an OTA, congratulations, even if you are a novice, you can spend a penny without any thoughts, and complete the driving performance breakthrough with one click.

As early as 2017, Tesla announced that its Model S and Model X can get OTA air upgrade service, and the S 100D model directly increases the 0-100 km acceleration by 1 second. Note that this is from 4.3 seconds to 3.3 seconds! Putting it in a petrol car, brushing the ECU can't make this happen. There is absolutely no other way than to change the engine.


 2 Significantly reduce maintenance costs  

Going to the 4s store is really troublesome. For anyone driving a car, going to a 4s shop is always a hateful thing. It means that the car is old and the car is broken; it takes time to go out and it costs money to repair it...

Even if you spend so much time and energy on upgrading your system to a 4S store, you often fix bugs instead of adding features or improving performance. I personally drove to the 4S store, which is a world of difference when you have OTA technology and a button on the car.

  3 Increase new functions such as auto driving and entertainment  

For example, automatic headlights, such as summoning, such as automatic driving, such as automatic wipers, such as driving recorders, such as automatic emergency braking function, navigation maps, entertainment and other functions can be continuously increased through OTA, free updates.


  4 Increase car safety  

Safety is the foundation of everything. With the increasing degree of electronic electronics, whether the vehicle encounters software failure or software update, the current offline store recall mode is not the best choice to meet the user experience.

As the cost of recalling the manufacturer's security issues is getting higher and higher, and most of the problem updating software can be repaired, the owner of the road to fix the problem in the first time is the core element to ensure the safety of the car. With the OTA update capability, the owner can When the vehicle is in a static state with a network, the upgrade is performed in real time, which greatly reduces the time cost and safety hazard of the owner, and greatly reduces the recall cost of the vehicle manufacturer.


For the entire industry

From the perspective of the entire automotive industry, software development is a major trend, and the future automotive industry OTA must be the mainstream.


  1 theoretically speaking  

If you compare the car's factory configuration to your college degree, then having an OTA is like continuing to learn and progress after graduation, and vice versa. The two states are of course a thousand miles.

  2 From the front industry  

 In the mobile phone, Apple has let us see that the future development of software is the general trend.

  3 From the perspective of the car industry itself  

Whether it is Pioneer Tesla, or the traditional veteran BYD, Toyota, Volkswagen have focused on OTA technology.

  • In 2012, Tesla began to use the OTA technology to perform 26 automotive software


  • In 2013, Redstone Sunshine provided OTA upgrade solutions for BYD;

  • In November 2016, Toyota Motor announced that it will use the OTA technology to

    update the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which will fix the ECU's vulnerabilities as soon

    as possible and discuss the addition of new features through the OTA after the vehicle

    is launched.

  • In January 2017, Volkswagen will use OTA technology to provide some features, and

    owners can get software upgrades such as navigation through subscription or trial.



How to get the best OTA technology

The booming development of OTA technology has created an endless stream of service providers in the market. How to ensure that your OTA technology is the best?

At present, Chery, BYD, Hangsheng, Wingka, Conkes and other traditional automobile manufacturers have reached cooperation with Otto Technologies on the OTA technology. At present, the Redstone OTA platform has a total of 724,900 vehicles, which is added daily. OTA activated 2,200 vehicles online.

Redstone Sunshine is the  provider of OTA solutions and is committed to providing your users with a differentiated experience of high quality. Redstone Sunshine strives to provide stable, reliable and unique products and services to its global partners.

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