Redstone Sunshine(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2011, Redstone is a national high-tech enterprise and the largest OTA service provider in China.

In October 2018, Hongshi Sunshine has occupied more than 60% of China's DM/FOTA market share, providing OTA upgrade services for 670 million smart terminals and IOT equipment; covering 226 countries and regions around the world.

Redstone's two products:

  • RS-DM: Mainly assisting customers to quickly pass the DM test of the latest standard of China Mobile TD products

    RS-DM is the only DM OTA product that has passed the latest CTA test certification in China, and complies with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "YD/T 2407-2013 Mobile Intelligent Terminal Security Capability Technical Requirements" and "China Mobile TD Customized Terminal Product White Paper (2014 Edition)" DM Customized standards. As of today, RS-DM has assisted customers with DM products through mobile warehousing testing up to 100%, and aging control within 5 working days; in foreign countries, Redstone has helped customers successfully operate through Europe, North America, South America, Australia, etc. Business test, user favorable rate of 100%

  • RS-OTA: Wireless Upgrade Expert

    RS-OTA mainly meets remote system upgrade and application management requirements of multiple terminals.

Redstone's advantages:

  1. Support global operators based on OMA protocol; global deployment to support overseas OTA requirements

  2. Patented differential technology with independent intellectual property rights, high compression ratio differential update scheme (40% smaller differential package)

  3. Compatible with a variety of software and hardware platforms, support upgrades to smart phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, routers, smart cars, home appliances and wearable devices, etc.

  4. Multiple industry and IoT terminals; support software OS: smart/non-intelligent platforms such as linux, Android, BREW, WM, MTK

  5. Support hardware: Qualcomm / MTK / Spreadtrum / INTEL / Marvell / Samsung / Quan Zhi / Broadcom and other chip platforms

  6. Mature and reliable technology, support for grayscale upgrade, power failure protection, power failure, software rollback; support for big data analysis and device software diagnosis;

  7. The management platform remotely used by users is flexible, efficient, intuitive, and powerful.

  8. Provide 7*24 hours of domestic on-site service, business and technical support, first-time response, etc.

  9. Visual remote diagnosis service (cloud service), as a selling point to enhance the mobile phone brand, provides efficient and economical software aids for R&D and customer service.

  10. Improved user experience

Redstone OTA's classic cooperation case for industry leaders:

  • Mobile terminal field: Redstone signed a contract with ARM, which accounts for 99% of the mobile chip market, and has accumulated 670 million mobile phone users.

  • Travel sharing: Redstone provides OTA upgrade service for Didi taxi and shared bicycle OFO

  • Wearables: Redstone offers OTA upgrades for 360 children's watches, Sogou sugar cats, and Aba-cho

  • Smart Home Appliances: Redstone Sunshine Haier Strategic Partner Konka Smart TV Provides OTA Upgrade Service

  • Smart Car: Redstone provides intelligent vehicle upgrade services for BYD, Chery, Conkees, Wing Truck Network and EasyLink Technology

  • Operator: Redstone is the only OTA cloud platform service provider for China Mobile Group Terminaland Internet of Things Ltd.

  • Internet: Redstone is the OTA cloud platform service provider of NetEase's intelligent hardware.

  • Luxury: Redstone offers OTA services to the world's top luxury brand VERTU phones



 Redstone Vision 

Become a bridge between people and equipment,

 Become part of the intelligent life of mankind.

Redstone OTA serves the world's largest operator, mobile phone chip and car company