Redstone Sunshine FOTA, leading the Indian mobile phone industry into a new era of mobile Internet

2023-06-30 13:30:31

Redstone Sunshine participated in the “2016 India International Mobile Phone Industry Expo” held at the New Delhi International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 22-24, 2016. . At the Expo, Hongshi Sunshine presented the Redstone FOTA upgrade and mobile terminal management solutions to the audience. It was unanimously praised by the major mobile phone manufacturers in China and India, and they rushed to sign cooperation.


China-India mobile phone industry cooperation enters a new era


     The exhibition hall covers an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. It has three exhibition areas of complete machines, accessories and intelligent terminals, as well as "100 mobile phone display areas" and "technical creative experience areas". It brings together mobile phone brands and ODM/ from around the world. Nearly 200 companies including OEMs and industrial chain manufacturers participated.

      On the first day of the Expo, more than 10,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition. The mobile phone products, mobile phone accessories and high-tech products displayed were dazzling, and the audience was eager to watch the experience. The atmosphere was lively and crowded.

      Last year's "Into India - the first China-India mobile phone industry summit forum" set off a "into India" frenzy in the Chinese mobile phone market. In order to further accelerate the docking of China-India mobile phone industry, help China's mobile phone brands to quickly land in India, and fill the gap in India's mobile phone industry, the Expo has led smart phone and mobile phone industry chain manufacturers to get close to India, face-to-face communication, and help China-India mobile phone industry cooperation New Era.


Redstone FOTA Wireless Upgrade Specialist



      As FOTA IoT intelligent cloud service provider, Hongshi Sunshine brought its high-quality products to the Indian International Mobile Phone Industry Expo.

      India, as the world's largest mobile phone market in the future, is a must for Chinese mobile phone companies to achieve brand globalization. India is developing into a Chinese-style global manufacturing and exporting country. After nearly a year of hard work, Redstone Sunshine has already reached strategic cooperation with major Indian operators and mobile phone manufacturers in the OTA field. Tens of millions of Indian mobile phone users are using the convenience brought by Redstone FOTA. With the development of the Indian Internet industry, Indian mobile phone users using Redstone FOTA will soon exceed 100 million.


 The accumulation of industry technology and experience has enabled Redstone FOTA to have the ability and strength to more easily and quickly enter new fields. Redstone Sunshine Wireless Upgrade Solution is based on big data and has the service capability of 100 million cloud platform. Through intelligent analysis and abstraction of user group data, it can provide accurate user portraits for Chinese and Indian APP developers, operators and mobile phone manufacturers. And provide an analysis process of relevant features for decision making.


 From the mobile phone field to the Internet of Things, Redstone Sunshine has been committed to the ultimate upgrade of FOTA! Redstone Sunshine uses deep technical accumulation to ensure intelligent iteration of various intelligent hardware systems, and can also be used for Chinese and Indian customers. Provides system optimization, device management, and data management services to help customers realize more value. We sincerely hope that Redstone Sunshine will contribute to the seamless docking of China-India mobile phone industry chain, and welcome all major manufacturers to discuss cooperation!


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