Redstone Sunshine Winning the Construction of the Internet of Things FOTA Platform

2023-06-30 13:17:28


The Internet of Things era of the Internet of Everything is coming, and a huge number of IoT devices need to have FOTA software update capabilities. As operator, China Mobile's demand for FOTA software updates is increasingly urgent. After fierce bidding competition, Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid in the public bidding for the procurement project of the Internet of Things FOTA service platform of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., and became the sole partner and contractor of the FOTA cloud platform of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. . The project is a comprehensive construction and service technology platform for FOTA software upgrade, equipment management, software update, big data, etc. of all equipment of IoT IOT. The successful bid will push the cooperation between the two parties to a new level, and it will also be of great significance to the strategy of Redstone entering the IOT of the Internet of Things.

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China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary funded by China Mobile Communications Corporation. In accordance with the overall strategic layout of China Mobile, the company focuses on the strategic positioning of “supporters of IoT business services, providers of dedicated modules and chips, and promoters of IoT-specific products”, specializing in operating IoT-dedicated networks, designing productions. Networking dedicated modules and chips to create special products such as car networking, smart home, smart wear, develop and operate the Internet of Things open platform OneNET, promote IoT solutions, form the business layout of the five major directions and the "cloud-tube-end" of the Internet of Things A comprehensive architecture.

In December 2014, Hongshi Sunshine and China Mobile Group Corporation signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement on the FOTA platform. In November 2017, Hongshi became the contractor and partner of FOTA Cloud Platform of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., marking the further deepening of cooperation between Redstone Sunshine in mobile phone and Internet of Things and China Mobile, and further consolidating Redstone. The position of the leader in the field of FOTA.

Redstone will fully support the FOTA platform construction of China Mobile Internet of Things with the FOTA upgrade system with independent intellectual property rights. Redstone FOTA supports the mainstream chip manufacturers and chip operating systems on the market: For 2G products, support C216B, RDA8851, RDA8955 and other hardware platforms. Supporting the core RTOS operating system; supporting 4G products, supporting the hardware platforms and corresponding operating systems of Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, Zhongxingwei, and Jiejie, supporting the Linux operating system; for the NB-IOT products, having the mainstream The adaptability of chip manufacturers NB-IOT products.

China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. has a number of self-developed products with firmware air upgrade (FOTA) functional requirements, Redstone Sunshine will provide a professional technical team to provide the corresponding FOTA adaptation version for its products, for China Mobile Internet of Things Ltd. The intelligent terminal products provide safe, stable and reliable FOTA services in IoT devices, smart cars, smart homes, OTT set-top boxes, robots, NB-IOT, 2G/4G communication modules, and smart wearables.


As a professional DM/FOTA solution and a mobile software management technology service provider, it currently has more than 600 million installations and products covering 185 countries and area. It meets the customization needs of operators, and provides software upgrades, management technologies and services for mobile phones, Internet of Vehicles, and IoT terminals of China Mobile Internet of Things.

This successful bid is a new breakthrough for Redstone in the field of Internet of Things, laying a good foundation for the subsequent deep cooperation with China Mobile Internet of Things. This time, the two sides have joined forces to achieve complementary advantages in products and technologies, jointly expand the Internet of Things industry market, enhance the interoperability of all things, and enable people to be faster and faster between people, people and things and things. Smoother connections have never been established.

Finally, I wish China Mobile's upcoming 2017 Global Partner Conference in Guangzhou a complete success!

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