Redstone Sunshine Landing at US CES Exhibition

2023-06-30 13:17:59


The three-day 2018 CES International Consumer Electronics Show opened in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th. About 4,500 manufacturers participated in the CES conference this year, and "China Power" is becoming the main force at the CES show. Unmanned driving and artificial intelligence are the hotspots of this CES. Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a member of the Chinese Legion, has participated in the CES exhibition for three consecutive years.

CES is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition, attracting the best consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers in the world, and has become the global market for innovative enterprises to bring new generation products to market. Platform.

The person in charge of Hongshi Sunshine said, “CES Exhibition is a platform that can fully display the technical strength of domestic technology enterprises. It is a good opportunity to bring the latest intelligent technology achievements in the domestic consumer electronics field to the world. I hope to pass the US CES Exhibition. This international stage allows the world to see the latest level of redstone sunshine."

Not long ago, Redstone Sunshine and Corecom's SIM7000A and SIM7500A projects passed the two major US telecom operators VERIZON and AT&T, respectively, opening the Redstone FOTA into the US mainstream operator FOTA. The door to the market. As a professional DM/FOTA solution and a leading mobile software management technology service provider, Redstone Sunshine provides a solid technical foundation for successful project certification.

 Redstone Sunshine's end-to-end upgrade management software can provide customers with more efficient, convenient and cost-effective after-sales solutions to help customers improve service capabilities and brand value. Redstone Sunshine can also provide customers with more innovative software management solutions, from diagnosis to synchronization, to security management... independent intellectual property rights, mature end-to-end cloud service OTA solutions, high market share, local positioning Cost advantage, business and technical support, first-time response, etc., is a significant advantage of Redstone.

Redstone and China Mobile have a five-year cooperation relationship. Redstone FOTA services cover China Mobile Terminal Corporation, China Mobile Internet of Things, ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad, Haier, Longqi, Yijing, Fan Zhuo, IVVI, FLY, Wentai, Korea Telecom and other well-known mobile phone brands or solutions companies at home and abroad. Redstone Shabu Shabu strives to provide stable, reliable and unique products and services to its global partners.

In recent years, Redstone has been committed to the research, development, application construction and operation services of the mobile communication market, aiming to help mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, platform providers, and software developers to increase shipment speed and reduce After-sales service costs due to software problems, improve user experience and increase operating income. It is hoped that through our unremitting efforts, Redstone will become a bridge between people and equipment in the future and become a part of human intelligent life.

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